My husband and I have had strong disagreements about one thing when it comes to dogs – he believes that most breeds aren’t meant for apartmentsI strongly disagree(d). Dogs live in apartments the world over, and it’s not about the size of house but quality of life…isn’t a big house just a big kennel after all?

And this poor puppy I found was cold and hungry on the unsafe streets, could it really be worse in an apartment?He was wrong, I was right, and Gaya came home 5 years ago. I’ve grown up with dogs… I was a certified & practising canine trainer (and a pretty good one 🙂 … and I knew it was going to be a massive responsibility, and I was prepared.
We’re all dog lovers in this room I’m sure and she’s the apple of my eye, but can I just for one minute just say it – PUPPIES CAN BE EXHAUSTING! And dogs can be exhausting. And living with impatient humans can be exhausting. 

She was well exercised, our training was on point, she knew her sits and stays and the rest of the drill…she was well fed, well loved, we played, we socialised – – – so then WHY, why was she sometimes, so naughty? ? The husband was given ample opportunities to give smug looks.

But it really wasn’t Gaya’s fault. Good food, a cushy bed, love, play, training, daily walks…and yet her little brain just worked overtime sometimes.Her doggy instincts were just tingling to be used…

she was a born scavenger (as every dog is), a fantastic problem solver. She truly enjoys it. And by feeding her out of a bowl, and handing her a toy, and having her walk by my side, asking her to “Leave it” for every pile of dirt she wanted to smell and explore…
I realised I was just sucking the dog out of her.She wasn’t acting out, or being stubborn.
She didn’t have ADD, and wasn’t spiteful that we had left her alone. She was just a dog looking for something fun to do every now and then. 
Enrichment was that answer for us, the game changer…and continues to be every single day.

A way of life that helped us find ways to give Gaya a chance to be a dog, while making everyday just a little bit easier for us.

And I can’t wait to share with you the products and ideas that have come to be essentials in our home, and hope that you and your dog will love them just as much. 

Whether it’s about mental stimulation, a better way to enjoy the outdoors or fun toys to play together…we’ve got you covered.

So, For the love of Dog! Explore our shop for some fun stuff and join us in the ENRICHMENT REVOLUTION.

Let’s let our dogs dog a bit. – Deepti (Dog lover, professional trainer & human to the beautiful Indie, Gaya.)