Simply hide a few treats in the folds of the Sniffer Ball, to bust boredom and make indoors more fun (even when you’re too busy to play!) Soft yet durable, this...

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Color: Blue Green

Blue Green
Pink Orange

Size: Large



Anti-pill polar fleece, which is thick and doesn’t tear easily, soft on your dog’s nose and easy to clean.

Industrial strength Nylon Cables, which are strong and durable.



Medium Sniffer Ball: 6 inch diameter (Ideal for small and medium sized dogs)

Large Sniffer Ball: 8 inch diameter (Ideal for large and extra large sized dogs)


Always supervise your dog when using this toy, and keep it away when your dog is done. 


To ensure your dog gets the hang of the game quickly – follow the following instructions:

Step 1 – While your dog is watching, hide a few treats in the Sniffer Ball. The first couple of times, ensure:

🐾 You use large sized treats at first, that are easier to find and pull out.

🐾 You hide the treats closer to the surface rather than deeply tucked in. Again, the idea is to have your dog gain confidence in solving the puzzle, without building up to frustration.

Step 2 – Once your dog is able to find all the treats this way, you can start to make the treats smaller , and then gradually hide the treats deeper too.

Step 3 – Once your dog is done, put the Sniffer Ball away until the next Sniff & Snack session!


Use dry food or treats only with the Sniffer Ball. Check for leftover treats after your dog is done before putting it away.


Remove any leftover treats. Soak in cold water for few minutes, before proceeding to hand wash. 

Wring to squeeze out water, and dry in sun.

Machine wash:

Place the Sniffer Ball in a pillow cover or laundry mesh bag. Wash on gentle / handwash cycle, using minimal amounts of pet safe detergent.

Dry in sun. Do not dry in machine dryer. 


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