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Henlo Hoomans!

Founded by a professional trainer and behaviour consultant, we at FTLOD believe the best way for our dogs to be happy and well-settled :

 is by meeting their different needs!

As hoomans living the city life with a very intelligent (read: naughty) Indie, we also know that it isn’t always easy 🙂

Which is why we’ve curated a unique range of products to help 🐾

Keep them busy & mentally stimulated, indoors

Bust boredom & prevent behaviour problems

Relaxing activities for hyper or anxious dogs

Enjoy fun & freedom outdoors, safely


SNIFF & SNACK range of Puzzles

Food Puzzles to encourage mental stimulation and independent play indoors.

Designed around our doggo's natural instincts & sniffing superpowers, these games make feeding treats & dry food more engaging, enriching and fun.
Side effects include keeping busy, being less bored and more content or relaxed (and that's quite contagious to the humans too :)).

Explore different Puzzles


Super long, super stretchy and super fun tugs!
Get in on the action and have loads of fun TOGETHER, with our fleece tug toys.
Great way to bond, get some exercise, and channel that excess energy indoors too.

Get Tugging!


For fuss-free freedom & safety.

Giving our dogs a safe space to explore - beyond the limits of a 5 foot leash - can make all the difference to their general wellbeing.
Super light. Super strong.
Our low maintenance long lines are your dog's ticket to adventure, while still staying safe & connected to you.
Perfect for training, holidays, beach trips & adventures.

Adventure, safely

Licky Bowl

Slow down fast eaters, a little calming time to help dogs relax, or even your grooming assistant to making bathing or brushing your dog a stress free, yummy affair!

Get Licky-ing

We recently asked our Insta fam if they were happy with our products.
And this is what they had to say :))