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Get your dogs nose working, brain jogging & tail wagging  – hide treats and dry food between the layers of this thick Snuffle Mat for them to sniff and search.

This mat is available only in the Medium size. Please contact us if you are looking for this mat in the Large size.

Why every dog MUST HAVE have a Sniffer Mat!

Because dogs love using their nose

Because dogs love using their nose

Working and foraging for food satisfies their natural instincts
Great boredom buster

Great boredom buster

A bored dog is a naughty dog. Keep them busy appropriately to keep them out of trouble.
Mentally stimulating

Mentally stimulating

Sniffing lights up a dogs brain, and snuffling gives them a thorough mental workout
When walks are restricted

When walks are restricted

Great for dogs who's physical activity is restricted - whether because of age, health or weather conditions.
Builds confidence

Builds confidence

Works well for nervous and diffident dogs. Set them up for a rewarding experience with the medium Snuffle Mat
Slows down eating

Slows down eating

Prevent hiccups and bloat, while making mealtime a calmer, longer engagement

Handmade using high quality Anti-pill polar fleece, and rubber mats. 

This fleece is thick & retains its stiffness, while being soft on your dogs nose. The anti-pill treatment ensures that no pills are formed even after multiple uses and washes, making it safer for your dog and giving the mat a long shelf life.

The rubber mats provide a sturdy base, and are made from recycled & natural rubber. 

Size – 12 inches x 16 inches. 

Simply sprinkle a handful of dry treats or kibble on the mat & ruffle them into the layers of fleece with your fingers. Let your dog sniff and find them for a fun, stimulating experience.

If your dog is new to puzzles, we recommend starting by placing the food right on top, and gradually making it more challenging by burying it deeper.

Use dry food only. Dust thoroughly after every use.

Fluff up by ruffling the fleece awake before every use, and put away when your dog is done. Do NOT allow your dog to chew on the mat. Wash as and when necessary.

  • Handwash with mild detergent or place the mat in a pillow cover and Machine wash on gentle cycle
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Lay flat to dry


VIA Instagram @forthelove_of_dog

I'm in, I want this for my dog!

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