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Licky Mat


Make grooming a tasty affair with the Licky Mat. Simply spread some sticky food like peanut butter, cheese, yogurt etc on the mat and let your dog at it to make bathing or brushing a tasty, rewarding experience.

MAKING GROOMING EASIER - for you & your dog!


Made with FOOD GRADE Silicone

Made with 100% food safe materials, so nothing toxic is ever released into your dog's food.

Backed with SUCTION CUPS

33 Strong suction cups so you can stick the Licky Mat at your dog's height when standing, onto any smooth surface like tiles and glass.

Encourages CALMNESS

Licking can be a calming activity for dogs, as it releases endorphins in their brains that slows them down & help feel more relaxed.

Suitable with a VARIETY of foods

The Licky Mat pairs best with Peanut Butter, Cheese, Cream Cheese, Bananas, Unsalted Butter, Fish paste etc. Regular wet food will need freezing.

FREEZER friendly

Freeze your prepped Licky Mat to make yummy popsicles, or to make wet food last even longer. And yes, the suction will still work just as well :)


Better quality, made locally.



FDA APPROVED food grade silicone, which is completely non-toxic and safe for your dog to be licking.


5.9 inches in diameter



Is bathing or grooming your dog a long drawn, stressful affair? 

Does your dog refuse to stand in one place, making things longer and tougher all around? 

The Licky Mat can help!


Simply slather some peanut butter or cheese on the Licky Mat, and use the suction cups to stick on glass, bathroom tile or tiled floorings.


Always supervise your dog when using this toy, and keep it away when your dog is done. 

Use soapy water and a brush (a tooth brush works great) to wash after every use.


This is Not a Chew Toy.

Always Supervise when using, and put away when not in use.

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  1. I got the licky mat for my Indie pup Tintin coz to give her a play and snack time. She is currently at nipping stage and nips at our legs, hands etc. This lucky mat helps us for 10- 15 minutes to have our evening chai while she enjoys some gourmet snack that her Maa(me) has made for her😍😍

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  2. There are numerous uses for this mat, and i bought my second one as it really helps with – grooming, stress buster , playtime and more. I literally depend on this mat to ensure my dogs will let me groom them and use the hair dryer with zero resistance!

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  3. Absolutely love the product! So easy to prep and keep handy for the dogs. Especially use it when I have guests over. Thank you for this!

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  4. It is just fabulous 😊 we are very happy with it .

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  5. Superb product. My pup loves licking frozen yogurt off this after his morning walks to combat the heat. Keeps him really busy and happy. The suction is insanely good, even after freezing.

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