Licky Bowl

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The slow feeder bowl meets the Licky Mat – in this adorable excuse to buffet up for your dogs!

Add some variety, and make meal time a little bit more engaging. The Licky Bowl is great to slow your dog down from gobbling their wet food, while adding a simple and rewarding challenge.


But we know what you’re thinking! “MY DOG WILL PICK IT UP AND TOSS IT ABOUT”, are we right?. That’s exactly why we’ve got 7 SUPER STRONG suction cups on the base, to ensure it sticks firmly to any smooth flooring (or walls)!

Freezer friendly, and easy to clean.

Grab now at our limited time, introductory price.

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Stimulating, without frustration

A solvable challenge for all dogs, that can be rewarding and time taking, without causing frustration.

Slows down fast eaters

The Licky Bowl prevents dogs from gulping down their food, while keeping them engaged constructively a while too.

Suitable for all ages

Suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. Large enough to hold a full portion of food for a medium sized dog.

Made with FOOD GRADE Silicone

Made with 100% food safe, human grade, recycled silicone so nothing toxic is ever released into your dog's food.

FREEZER friendly

Prepare summer friendly popsicles directly in the Licky Bowl and freeze before serving. The suction cups will still work just as efficiently!

Backed with SUCTION CUPS

1 Large and 6 medium sized suction cups to keep a firm grip on any smooth flooring or tiles, and prevents your dog from picking it up.

I'm in, I want this for my dog!

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  1. Manita (verified owner)

    As usual, For The Love Of Dog knocking it out of the park with every single product. The Licky Bowl does everything it says. Fun way to feed my dog, she takes her time with it, the texture on the bottom of the bowl encourages licking and she’s blissed out at the end of every meal. The suction cups hold so strongly to the surface of the floor or the food mat, I was pleasantly surprised. And the bowl itself is very easy to clean. Highly recommend.

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  2. Sunita (verified owner)

    We already have the other licky mat and it is normally used for snacks but love how this can be used for a full meal 😍 it’s already been used too many times. We as parents try to find options to ditch the bowl and bring in more enriching ideas during meals and this is amazing 🤩🤩🤩

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  3. Shilpa Desai

    Fabulous. Kept the Pup busy for 30 minutes and he loved it 😋

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  4. Tanvi (verified owner)

    The Licky Bowl is such a fantastic way to get creative and beat food boredom for our sometimes fussy indie! I’ve even used it very successfully during bath times AND given it to her frozen it for when we need to leave her alone at home. Truly an all-star product!

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  5. Madhav Nirmal (verified owner)

    The quality is really good and specially the design. I loved it’s multipurpose design which helps in different ways. Thank you for bringing such products for our furries.

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  6. Vinil Venugopal (verified owner)

    It was a gift for someone else and their dog really loved it! Great stuff, as always.

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  7. Puneeth (verified owner)

    Slightly difficult to clean it thoroughly

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  8. Astha Pathak (verified owner)

    No meal is served without this, perfect stability and size to keep right portions and have the dogs enjoy the meal rather than just gulp it down. It also helps with bloating.

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