Pet friendly cafes & restaurants, Mumbai

Author: Deepti Rao

Author: Deepti Rao

Dog lover, certified trainer & behaviour consultant, and hooman to the smart ass Indie, Gaya.

When we had reason to celebrate with the family this weekend, we of course wanted our dog, Gaya, join us. 

With the growing number of restaurants and cafes that allow pets though, I had to do a little bit of research and vetting before deciding on the place. I hope this information on pet friendly cafes I’ve put together can help you decide on your next date with the doggo!

Before we dive in, some disclaimers and things you should know.

  • Pet friendly cafes are *mostly* pet tolerant cafes. Your dog is expected to be on best behaviour, settle near or under the table, and there’s little roaming space as such.
  • Small dogs can usually get away with murder, you’ll often see them on the chair or even table sometimes. But bigger dogs jumping at guests or staff or the table (and toppling everything on it maybe) is frowned upon.
  • There is always a chance that another dog drops in. If your dog isn’t good with ignoring other dogs – whether fearful or aggressive, think twice about this plan. Or at least have an exit option ready. 
And last but not least:
Figure if your dog enjoys these outings. 
A lot of times, they do not.
Most places are small are cramped (aka mumbai style),

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