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Frequently Asked Questions
about Sniff & Snack Puzzles

Sniffer or snuffle toys are enrichment toys that are designed to stimulate your dogs greatest sense – their nose! Made of thick, luxurious fleece, they allow for plenty of hiding spots for your dogs dry meal or treats, needing them to employ their sense of smell to search it all out. This satisfies their foraging instinct & gives their brain a thorough workout – while being a calm, fun & rewarding experience.

Some dogs love to eat every meal from the Snuffle mat

But our recommendation would be every other meal or day to keep their interest fresh. Too much of anything becomes boring, doesn’t it?

Whenever you think it seems dirty or food stained. If you use appropriate food & are sure to dust it through properly after every use, you should find it doesn’t need a wash often at all. For example: if you’re using kibble or dry treats, the mat will get far less dirty than if you use boiled chicken. 

No, please do not.

There could be a few reasons your dog isn’t interested. It is possible that your dog doesn’t like the food or treat offered in the mat, turning them off from seeking it out. 

If it’s something they are happy to eat when off the mat, then perhaps your dog is used to the ease of their food bowl, or the challenge is frustrating for them. Make it easy for your dog to succeed at first, by hiding the treats on the surface level. As they gain confidence & begin to enjoy using the Snuffle Mat, you can gradually affect the challenge.

No, this is not a chew toy. 

Calmly prevent your dog from doing so. Be sure to have the mat around your dog only when there is food in it for them to find, and to keep it away when done.

Our recommendation is to give each dog their own Snuffle Mat, so they can best enjoy their snuffling experience, while preventing any feeling of competition or scope for resource guarding. 

Of course! Cats are known to love a good Snuffle too!

Sure, give it a try! We know a rabbit and a Bird who think it’s most fun.